Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wainting for a midnight-train

                                                            Late  Midnight-
I love to travel by train - except when it´s after midnight and the train, which was expected to arrive 30 minutes after midnight was delayed one hour.
We were at Umea station in northern Sweden, and we took this late train because it would arrive after eleven o´clock in the morning the next day to Stockholm.
When we finally came to Stockholm, the train was almost two hours delayed. A german girl who was onboard the train missed her buss to Hamburg.
                                                                  New high-speed line
We decided to take flight next time, but I have not given up hope of jumping onboard a train again.  And there is hope: the new Bothnia line is to be finish this year, so one can take a high-speed train from Stockholm to Umea in about six hours.    
But, after all, we had plenty of time to listen to the birds when we were waiting for the midnight-train in Umea.    



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