Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Readers Digest memory

CNN says that Readers Digest is filed for bankruptcy.
That makes me remember when my grandpa gave me two copys of a 1966 Readers Digest. don't remember the stories, but I do remember the. watercolor painting on the back page on one of them. The painting showed a man who raked leaves, causing dust that swirled up in the wind

CNN Opinion (@CNNOpinion) tweetad kl 5:34 fm on tors, feb 21, 2013:Reader's Digest was a Cold War force, says Joanne Sharp http://t.co/VkXd8HQOqg Do you agree?(https://twitter.com/CNNOpinion/status/304448883105353729)Skaffa den officiella Twitterappen på https://twitter.com/download

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chinese drones and terrorists

PictText: -It's a hard-time working as an undercover agent. Especially if you're in the sight of a drone.

This weeks spy highlights:  China had planes to kill a burmese drog lord by a drone. The drog lord was wanted for the murder on 11 chinese sailors.
Number two is that islamists, planning a terror attack, was caught in England.

New York Times World (@nytimesworld) tweetad kl 1:09 em on ons, feb 20, 2013:Chinese Plan to Use Drone Highlights Military Advances http://t.co/DFIqgaiG(https://twitter.com/nytimesworld/status/304201174591107072)Skaffa den officiella Twitterappen på https://twitter.com/download

Saturday, February 9, 2013

A spy intro

                                                                Agatha Christie
Today I will introduce mr C, (see the comic drawing below). And Mr C is all you have to know about his name.
Recently the ongoing week The Guardian had a story about Agatha Christie and the WWII codebreakers in Bleachley Park. Christie was a friend to Dillie Knox, a leading codebreaker which was the one who broke the nazis Enigma code. She had mentioned something in her wartime book. N or M which made the intelligence chiefs at MI5 affraid that her friend Knox had told her secrets about the codebreaking job in Bleachley Park. MI5 decided to investigate her contacts.
To find out what was happened then, just click on the link to the Guardian article.